Take Immediate Action with Sensitiveness to Prevent Crime against Women

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Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that immediate and strict action with full sensitiveness should be taken to prevent crimes against women in order to generate fear among the criminals. Prepare division wise strategy to control crimes. Make strong arrangements at district level to tackle cyber crimes. Moreover, conduct an awareness campaign to stop fraud by chit-fund companies. CM Shri Chouhan was addressing the I.Gs. –D.I.Gs. Conference at Police Head Quarters here today. Minister for Home Shri Bhupendra Singh was also present on the occasion.

CM Shri Chouhan mentioned that Police in Madhya Pradesh has faced every challenge with utmost dedication and devotion. Police’s achievements are proud worthy. Law and order is such a field, where new challenges emerge constantly. The methods of crime are changing in accordance to the fast developing technology. Cyber crime is thriving in the society in the form of new challenge. We will have to stop it with strictness. Constant patrolling should be conducted at the places like women hostels, colleges, schools and coaching centers. He further mentioned that constant patrolling should be carried out by up to beat level team. Ensure effective presence of police in the areas. Generate trust for security and safety among the people by proper use of resources, he added.

Give Comprehensive Information to People on Facilities like Help Line Number and E-Cop

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan gave instructions to give comprehensive information to the people about the facilities like helpline number and e-cop. Impart training to the girl students for self defense and spread awareness among them. Take help from Village and City Safety Committees, N.C.C, N.S.S., Shaurya Bal, Tejasvini Groups besides police force. Establish one stop center in all the districts. Character verification of school bus driver and conductor should be carried out mandatorily and rule to have women conductor in school buses should be ensured strictly. Moreover, Shri Chouhan said that the CCTV cameras should be installed in school buses within time limit. Cooks and sanitary staff should be women in all women hostels. Also, CCTV cameras should be installed at the entrance road of women hostels. Shri Chouhan further mentioned that Public Safety Bill should be presented in the ensuing assembly session.

Prepare Special Strategy to Prevent Drugs

CM Shri Chouhan stated that many districts have undertaken good work to prevent communal incidents. Keep constant vigilance on such kind of incidents. Make coordination better between various branches of the police department and other departments. Prepare cases for compulsory retirement of inactive and staff with bad record who have completed 20 years of service or have attained 50 years of age. Shri Chouhan said that the state government has made changes in the sand mining policy. This will help people to get sand conveniently as per their requirement and will enhance the employment opportunities. He further stated that the police department should continue action to stop illegal sand mining. Special strategy should be made to prevent drugs. Take stringent action against big criminals. Moreover, prepare a scheme to provide employment to Sikligars who are engaged in illegal trade in Khargone-Badwani district.

Special Cell for Cyber Security in Every District

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that cyber security system should be made better. Make special cell for cyber security in every district. Take effective action in the cases of CM Helpline. Initiate action as per the provisions of law against the misleading advertisement shown in the electronic media. Take effective action on NSA and externment related cases. Shri Chouhan further stated that a stringent action should be taken to stop usury. Initiate action with special attention on the cases of missing girls in tribal areas. He mentioned that an action should be taken to stop illegal transportation of cow progeny. The Police Department must continue better work to maintain peaceful atmosphere beside ensuring law and order situation in the state.

Director General of Police Shri R.K. Shukla has informed that an action plan has been prepared to control crimes keeping in view the challenges of ensuing year. Two women constables in each police station will be posted within the next 3 years. Rest room arrangement for women will also be made in the police stations. Special vigilance is being maintained at the roads of the state borders to stop illegal transportation of cow progeny.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan released Statistical Data -2017 on the occasion. Senior Officers of the Police Head Quarter and I.Gs – DIGs of the state were present on the occasion.

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